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  Welcome to our software offerings. Statii is a suite of production control software tools that make managing a manufacturing operation that much easier. Comprehensive packages allow you to stay in total control of every aspect of the manufacturing process. The software provides a complete overview of real-time manufacturing information. This information is provided in the same way that a report would offer data about system resources on a computer, which makes it easy for system administrators who come from the computer science field to be integrated into the manufacturing process instantly. Like all software listed at Norexe, there's a free version available.

Free and Paid Packages

Statii Liite is free and features much more than just a cute name that's a pun on the spelling of the full product. The free version supports two different users at a time, and comes with both the supplier and customer management modules. These two modules provide a complete package that most people will find wholly sufficient. Users of these modules are entitled to at least some support, but if they're using the free version this tends to be rather limited. Experienced system administrators will more than likely not need to call service representatives anyway. Please read the instructions before using the software.

The paid packages are geared toward those who run large operations that employ a number of inexperienced users who wouldn't be able to maintain the software on their own without assistance. Paid customers are also entitled to a large amount of cloud storage.

Tracking Work with www.statii.co.uk

Freeware users still receive some very powerful tools. You might be used to determining requirements for completing a project somewhere in the middle of it. This can lead to delays as well as lower rates of customer satisfaction. Statii Liite provides a spreadsheet interface that's constantly updated with numerical data regarding specific requirements that you'll need to meet in order to complete a project. If you use the software to plan a project from the start, then you'll more than likely not meet the kind of embarrassing delays that are so common in the manufacturing industry.

Making the Switch to Statii

Freeware is always better when it supports multiple platforms. While Statii Liite is a closed-source commercial package, it does feature support for both desktop and portable environments. You should be able to find a distribution that matches the kind of hardware that you're working with. Since the freeware version supports two individual users, you could install the software on a tablet as well as a desktop computer. This gives you the freedom to deploy it in both an office environment as well as a factory simultaneously. You'll find plenty of ways to use the statistics that Statii reports back to you.

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